HAM Registration (Subscription)

  In order to register HAM download and install the program. As a new HAM user, you have 30 days to evaluate HAM free of charge. If 30 days seems insufficient, you can reset HAM (delting your data) and start the evaluation period over at any time.

When ready to register, select Register from the main menu:

This will open the registration dialog:

Enter your details, and press the button to open the secure payment website in your browser. Once payment is accepted, restart HAM and your HAM subscription for the next 12 months is ready for use.


You are allowed to use HAM on as many computers as you like. Your subscription is only limited to your Hattrick team (TeamID). In order to use your HAM subsription on a new computer (see the FAQ for moving HAM data to another computer), simply start HAM with online access, and the HAM server will update your subscription details.