HAM News

23 Mar. 2005

New version Security Code

What's New?
  • HAM uses new Security Code instead of Hattrick password.
  • Turkish translation available.
  • Added support for new shirt numbers (up to 99).
Bug Fixes
  • Chinese and Venzuelean exchange rates fixed.

Special thanks to:
GeVeZe_ of ChatlakKartal (396170) for Turkish Translation.
kindral2000 of Kobak2pp (114084) for Estonian Translation.

11 Feb. 2005

HAM for National Teams

First of all, HAM is not developed for use with national teams. But if you find any use for HAM as a national coach, you are very welcome to use it. You can get a HAM registration key free of charge for this use, as long as you accept that this use is totally unsupported.

All national teams are already registered for use with HAM. So as a new national coach, all you have to do is use the Lost Key function here on the HAM website to get the registration key sent to your email address.

Good luck to all newly elected national coaches!

HAM Development

07 Feb. 2005

New version New Trainingtypes

What's New?
  • Changed Matchviewer and matchreports to handle new Hattrick matchreport format. Previously retrieved Matchreports with HTML code can be updated by selecting them in the matchlist, right-click and select Update.
  • Mute sounds from individual matches in matchviewer (right-click match to toggle).
  • New trainingtypes included.
  • Shooting training defaults changed.
  • New arena build costs implemented.
  • Support for 4 new Hattrick nations.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed sorting on teamspirit in matchlist.

12 Jan. 2005

Server troubles

Today the HAM server has been having several problems resulting in more down- than uptime. Unfortunately, these problems also affected the HAM email accounts, so some emails sent to HAM support during this day may have been lost. We appologise for this inconvenience.
01 Dec. 2004

New beta version Matchviewer Hotfix

What's New?
  • Changed Matchviewer and matchreports to handle new Hattrick matchreport format. Previously retrieved Matchreports with HTML code can be updated by selecting them in the matchlist, right-click and select Update.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed sorting on teamspirit in matchlist.

23 Nov. 2004

Online manual now also available in Spanish

On the table of contents of the HAM online manual, there is now a small Spanish flag displayed. Clicking this will send you to a Spanish version of the manual.

Special thanks to:
Mav3rik of FERRO CARRIL OESTE (110043) for this translation.

01 Nov. 2004

New version Optional YP excitement

What's New?
  • Added support for 6 new Hattrick countries.
  • Upcomming matches in Matchviewer now includes Hattrick bookmarked matches. If enabled in Settings, upcomming matches of bookmarked teams are also added.
  • Optional gridlines in main window (toggle in Settings - Display tab).
  • Value of training in Player Details now uses TPE for current players.
  • New ticket prices used in Arena Tool.
  • New Youth Pull "Show one skill at a time" display.
  • New training "Show results one player at a time" display.
  • Optional saving of Teamdata XML files (saved as one XML per Teamdata retrieval).
  • Improved performance under older Windows versions.
  • HAM will now display a warning when skills decline (can be disabled in Settings).
  • Next and Prev. buttons in Player Details will now go to the next and previous players sorted in the same order as the main window.
  • Set number of days of data for TPE to use for evaluation on individual players. A new column is available to show how many days are selected for each player. It is normally not advisable to change from the default 56 days though.
  • Changed away side left/right interpretation to match the HT update on this issue.
Bug Fixes
  • Goals sometimes being reported in the wrong side in matchreports fixed.
  • HatStats League Average fixed in Next Cup Opponent.
  • Qualification matches counted in winning streaks in Team Stats - History tab.
  • A very rare bug causing Team Stats ratings to disappear has been fixed.
  • Missed penalties in penalty shootouts having wrong sound fixed.
  • ServerMessage check will now use proxy settings (thus not slowing startup unneseccarily for proxy users). Thanks to Fredrik Jacobsson for tracking this bug down.

Special thanks to:
Mav3rik of FERRO CARRIL OESTE (110043), Orejon_ of Carlos Carnes F.C. (110675) and Sabinero of Decadencia (109358) for Español-Argentina Translation.
Draken-Korin of FC Valheru (116150) for Czech Translation.

There might be some minor display problems with the translated versions. This is not caused by the translators! It is a problem with HAM and is being worked upon. Also more languages are in progress. The work on these, primarily eastern european, languages has been slightly delayed due to problems with HAM and the translation process. My appologies to the users of those languages and especially the translators affected.

04 Oct. 2004

Error while retrieving team data, HTTP/1.1 404 not found

If you are getting this error, Error while retrieving team data, HTTP/1.1 404 not found, when retrieving Team Data, it is because your version of HAM is trying to retrieve the now obsolete HRF file. Either go to Settings and disable retrieval of HRF data or better yet, update HAM to the latest version, available from the download section here.

30 Sep. 2004

New version Bye bye, HRF

What's New?
  • Online HRF file support removed. You can still import old HRF files though.
  • New languages added.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a disconnection bug in the Matchviewer.
  • Bug with National Team matches in Matchviewer fixed.
  • Shortlist getting wrong value from TSI bug fixed.
  • Bug with "experience points" from National Team matches fixed.

Special thanks to:
Aphro of WSB Chorzów (32376) for Polish Translation.
Iceberg of Feios Porcos e Maus (33173) for Portuguese Translation.
Escogido of ZLO Universal (178423) for Russian Translation.
RVolonts of S.S. Oasis (116665) for Latvian Translation.
XaviD of Zurraspas C.F. (123767) and jordicat of L'Hiverpool (122011) for Catalan Translation.
Tsukumo of Accipiter Fidelis (29485) for Portuguese-Brasilian Translation.

There might be some minor display problems with the translated versions. This is not caused by the translators! It is a problem with HAM and is being worked upon. Also more languages are in progress. The work on these, primarily eastern european, languages has been slightly delayed due to problems with HAM and the translation process. My appologies to the users of those languages and especially the translators affected.

More HAM languages to follow shortly.

03 Sep. 2004

New version Translations and Matchevents

What's New?
  • Full translation - HAM fully translated to several languages.
  • Improved match analysis. Details about where on the pitch chances occured.
  • Goals and Special events tab in Player Details.
  • New columns: Training Weeks Left. In individual skills and the shortest duration left.
  • Logins with HAM is no longer visible to your supporters.
Bug Fixes
  • Matchviewer status reporting improved.
  • Team Spirit reported wrong bug fixed.
  • XP reported wrong when experience level gained fixed.
  • Bug with skill gains sometimes being reported with incorrect number of weeks in Club History fixed.
  • Bug with the Last Played Position column fixed.
  • Some Sold and retired players have "lost" their speciality in HAM. This can now be fixed for unretired players with the "Update All Transfer Histories" function.
  • A player with more than one transfer to or from your team, will appear with the last transfer in the Team History.

Special thanks to:
Blicke of Tuna HB (14196) for Swedish Translation.
apris of FC Harittu (21742) for Suomi Translation.
Biebel123 of Biebel's Devils (81139) for Flemmish Translation.
Maultier of FC Trantor (170663) for German Translation.
combat2k of Combat_Team (34717) for Romanian Translation.
settenano of Biancaneve (50263) for Italian Translation.
pintxodemerluza of pintxos (48130) for Spanish Translation.
Wodka of Zubrowka (188351) for French Translation.
LostboyArno of The Magnificient Eleven (211264) for Dutch Translation.
Danish is also included.

There might be some minor display problems with the translated versions. This is not caused by the translators! It is a problem with HAM and is being worked upon. Also more languages are in progress. The work on these, primarily eastern european, languages has been slightly delayed due to problems with HAM and the translation process. My appologies to the users of those languages and especially the translators affected.

More HAM languages to follow shortly.

29 Jul. 2004

New version Bug fixes and improvements

What's New?
  • Work-around for bugged Hattrick teamDetails XML.
  • All historical matches can (once again) be retrieved automatically. Use "Get Older Matches" to retrieve all matches your team has played under your ownership.
  • Option to save Hattrick password (toggle on/off from the Online tab in Settings) and automatic login.
  • Improved XML version checking.
  • Improved HT Login failure check.
  • HatStats ratings included in Series Details.
  • HatStats ratings included in Next Cup Opponent.
  • Lineup Tool window made non-modal (ie. you are allowed to interact with HAM while the Lineup Tool is open).
Bug Fixes
  • Fatal problem when changing coach fixed.
  • Better home/away color management in Matchviewer.
  • Arena Under Construction bug fixed.
  • Bug with retrieving teamdata while matches were in progress fixed.
  • HAM will import correct salary and TSI when opening old HRF files.

10 Jul. 2004

Error in Hattrick XML

Some users may currently experience an error when retrieving Teamdata. HAM will report

Error while retrieving Team Data:
Invalid XML declaration.

Line 1:
<--! includetext numbers are out of sync

This is caused by a bug on the Hattrick site! The bug has been reported to the HT's.

Until the bug is fixed by the HT's a temporary HAM solution can be downloaded here.

09 Jul. 2004

New version Emergency release

Bug Fixes
  • Fatal error while retrieving the first Teamdata for new users fixed.
  • 1 week training displayed for new skill increases bug fixed.

09 Jul. 2004

New version Misc. changes

What's New?
  • List of Changes now displays TSI instead of value.
  • Customized rating display. Editable in the file HAMMatchRatings.ini.
  • Possibility to pre- or append numerical matchrating values to all matchratings displays.
  • In cooperation with www.hatstats.info:
    • HATStats rating (also known as Griggle rating) replaces HAM rating in matchlist.
    • HATStats rating graph in Team Details.
    • Best HATStats rating on sums tab in Team Details.
  • HAM uses new matchOrders XML.
  • This version of HAM does no longer use HRF data. The HRF file is still retrieved and saved but not read.
  • HAM will now give a warning if a future lineup is invalid and will cost you training.
  • New column: Apperances.
  • Player wages changed in HT data. This may result in a false wage change warning on your foreign players.
  • Hattrick XML version check changed.
  • Team Spirit levels above 9 added to Lineup Tool.
Bug Fixes
  • Series Info bug fixed.
  • A few cosmetical errors with new matchratings fixed.
  • Shortlist works with TSI.

02 Jul. 2004

New Hattrick XML version

Hattrick has updated the teamdetails XML data version. The new version has been approved for usage with the latest version of HAM. When asked for confirmation about this new XML version in HAM, you can safely answer yes and get the XML version approved.

29 Jun. 2004

Series Info not working

There is currently a problem with Series Info displaying false data (all matches of the season being displayed as 0-0 draws). This will be fixed for the next version.

23 Jun. 2004

New version HT 6.6.2

What's New?
  • HAM altered to fit changes in HT version 6.6.2.
  • Customizable matchrating display from Settings, Rating tab (including old style HT 6.5 ratings).
  • New column: Last Played Position.
  • Predicted wage removed, hopefully to come back at a later time.
  • Hovering the mouse cursor over the ratings in the Lineup Tool will show the predicted old style HT 6.5 ratings.
Bug Fixes
  • Custom player background color disabled for old Windows versions.

16 Jun. 2004

New version HT 6.6

What's New?
  • It is now impossible to attempt login with empty password.
  • Select player individual background color from Player Details, custom tab.
  • HAM altered to fit the changes in HT version 6.6.
  • Matches can now be updated from the matchlist. Select macthes and right-click to update.
  • HAM predicts next season player wage. As a new column, in the Player Details and on the Team Stats Sums tab. (This function uses old type wages - not the new 6.6 formula)
  • Using new training XML and Arena XML.
  • Available Columnviews also displayed as tabs in the bottom of the main window. Toggle on and off in Settings.
  • Default columnviews (HAM, Economy and Training) included in installation.
  • Changes are background colored in main window (toggle to old style font colored in Settings).
  • Possibility to add transfer deadline to shortlisted players. Two new columns has been included to display these deadlines.
  • Warning message when transfer deadline is close. Configurable in Settings.
  • Support for 6 new Hattrick nations.
  • Matchviewer player hints changed from assessed value to TSI.
  • Change default font color in main window (Display tab in Settings).
Bug Fixes
  • Rare problem with Registration Key validation fixed.

1 Jun. 2004

New version Lineup Tool

What's New?
  • Lineup Tool. HAM predicts ratings from hypothetical lineups.
  • Using new economy CHPP XML.
  • TPE Server moved to improve response times.
  • Transferlisted status displayed in the Status column.
  • Link to online manual added in Help menu.
Bug Fixes
  • Bug where Next Cup Opponent would sometimes show wrong ratings fixed.
  • Bug where 0 week training duration would result in an error fixed.
  • Improved memory handling on older Windows versions.

1 Jun. 2004

Online Manual

HAM now has an updated online manual on this site. Follow the link in the menu to the left to get the most out of your HAM installation. The manual will be kept updated and improved as new features gets implemented in the program.

2 May 2004

New version Misc. new functions

What's New?
  • Manually add old player.
  • Get info on your next Cup Opponent.
  • Longest winning and undefeated streaks added to Team Stats, history tab.
  • HAM Matchviewer displays injury details on injured players after match finish.
  • Hover the mouse cursor over highlighted players in the matchreport of the HAM Matchviewer to see their value.
  • Dresskits included in matchviewer matchdetails.
  • Hover the mouse over playernames in your teams lineup in the match display to see form on the matchday.
  • Player Value column added to ratings and training tabs of the Player Details dialog.
  • Export/Import of individual player data. Press the save button on the Player Details dialog of sold players to export data. Import from the main menu. This can be used to exchange HAM historical records between a seller and a buyer of a player.
  • New column, HAM Rating, in matchlist window. HAM Rating is a weighted average of all match ratings.
  • Team experience included on your lineup tab of the
  • View Match dialog.
  • HAM now uses goalscorers from the matchreports to determine top goalscorers.
  • HAM Positioning weights now takes training into account.
  • The training settings are used, such that a player noted in HAM with 50% training in a skill will have 0.5 added to the skill. Training in Stamina and Set Pieces are not used.
  • HAM weight calculation has been modified (divided by 2) to closer reflect the number of stars expected. This is not exact science though!
  • Work around for Hattrick XML bug in Playerlisting when using the Romanian Hattrick language.
Bug Fixes
  • Problem with proxy server fixed (hopefully).
  • Bug in XML matchlist import fixed.
  • Default training effects changed (they were a bit stupid).
  • A problem with Daylight Saving Time and training fixed.

6 Apr 2004

New version Improved online functionality

What's New?
  • Online functionality completely re-written.
  • HAM will automatically use the server suggested by Hattrick, in compliance with new CHPP rules. Server IP selection in Settings removed.
  • Re-login prompt after 20 minutes of inactivity. Note that this does not ensure that you will not experience time-out from the Hattrick servers. But it makes it less likely.
  • Improved check for invalid matchdata at startup.
  • Current Linup added to the View menu.
  • Select any Youth Pull Date by right-clicking youth pull date on the Economy tab of the Player Details dialog.
  • Wage and value tabs on Team Details changed to total squad wage and value.
Bug Fixes
  • Bug with switched formations on older matches fixed.
  • Improved online error checking.
  • (Pos) values for re-positioned players fixed.
  • Bug with point calculation in the live-league table in the HAM Matchviewer fixed.
  • HAM Training time now takes Daylight saving into account.

10 Mar 2004

Using HAM as a national team coach

The following has been added to the FAQ:
As a national coach, can I use HAM for the national team?
No, not really. HAM is not designed for use with national teams, and Hattrick does not support automated download of data for those teams. But should you find any use in HAM for your national team anyway, you are most welcome to use it. As a national coach, just send an email with the national team id to ham@lokesoftware.dk and you will get a registration key for the national team free of charge. Any such usage is completely unsupported.

25 Feb 2004

New version New TPE Server - Automated Transfer Histories

What's New?
  • TPE changed to new server.
  • Transfer history is now retrieved automatically from Hattrick. Woohoo. Each players transfer history can be updated from the Player Details dialog. Or all transfer histories can be updated from the functions menu.
  • List of players in Series Details has been removed, due to a CHPP rule change made by Hattrick.
  • Series Details now only accessible for Hattrick supporters due to a CHPP rule change made by Hattrick.
  • Optional Bong! sound at scoring in Matchviewer (after petition from the Danish community).
  • Matchviewer shortcut key changed to F8.
  • New columns added: Training % Playmaking, Winger, Scoring, Keeper, Passing and defending.
  • Romainian denominations included (thanks to -tva-).
  • Support for new 8 Hattrick nations.
  • New Wage tab in Player Details dialog.
  • Wage changes included in List of Changes.
Bug Fixes
  • Bug with multiple entries in Matchviewer seriestable fixed.
  • Changed 'Synchronize' to 'Synchronise' to save telchine's sanity.
  • Double spaces removed from playernames.
  • Bug in XML Matchlist export fixed.

28 Jan 2004

Registration Server accessible again

The HAM registration server was down between approximately 08:25 to 12:25 (CET) Wed. 2004-01-28. The downtime was caused by a major outage by the Danish ISP. This may have caused problems in connection with updating HAM registration keys, as this was not possible during this time.

26 Jan 2004

New Registration Keys

Unfortunately, there has been a lot of users, using illegal registered copies of HAM. In fact, last month there were more users using illegal registrations than there were users using legitimate registrations. As a small software developer, it is very hard to take serious steps towards software piracy. But some steps can be taken. One of these is to change the registration key. This change will be made in a way that will hopefully make the smallest possible inconvenience to the legitimate registered users. But all registered users will have to get a new registration key for version 5.2 and later.

This can be done in two ways. When HAM version 5.2+ is run for the first time with the old registration key in place, HAM will offer to try to upgrade the registration key automatically from the HAM server. This should be possible for the vast majority of registered HAM users. If there is a problem with the automatic key upgrade, you can also use the Lost Key Retrieval function, in the menu to the left. Choose the Version 5.2 Key option and get the new registration mailed to your e-mail address. Enter the key into the registration dialog in HAM, and you should be ready to continue.

Should there still be problems with the registration key upgrade, please e-mail Loke Software at ham.registration@lokesoftware.dk and I will try to correct the problem as fast as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and patience on this matter.

26 Jan 2004

New version Weights

What's New?
  • HattriX Cupmanager matches automatically listed in MatchViewer. Just insert your CupID on the Matchviewer tab of the the Settings dialog. See http://www.databased.at/hattrick/cupmanager/ for more info on HattricX Cupmanager.
  • New Setup program.
  • HAM Weights changed. Weights now includes individual orders (offensive, towards middle, etc.). The new weights works slightly different from the old ones. See the HAM website for details.
  • Weights are now saved with your team instead of the settings. So when changing the weights, a save is necessary to keep the new weights. HAM will automatically ask for this save upon exiting the program.
  • XML Import/Export of weights settings.
  • Registration keys has been changed. HAM can try to update the key automatically from the HAM server. Or you can use the Lost Key retrieval from the HAM website, and perform the registration again.
  • Fiscal Report made resizable.
  • Sold and Retired Players dialog made resizable.
  • Player Training list dialog made resizable.
  • Youth Squad dialog made resizable.
  • Series Detail made resizable.
  • Player Specialties translated.
  • Backup Folder configurable in Settings.
  • MatchViewer will no longer display events when minimized.
  • New sounds included in MatchViewer.
  • League Table in Matchviewer. Updates with the current live standing. Needs Series Info to be up to date to work correctly.
  • Added weights calculation to Player Details.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the "Switched ratings" bug (where you would see your opponents ratings instead of your own).
  • Access Violation error in Series Details on incomplete retrieval fixed.
  • Some wrong colored player events in Matchviewer fixed.
  • Shortlisted player flags and nationality fixed.
  • Fixed the TPE through proxy not working bug.

21 Jan 2004

PayPal Registration

It is now possible to register HAM using the popular payment method, PayPal.

13 Jan 2004

New version XML Versions

What's New?
  • Improved handling of XML version changes. This will fix the warning messages about new XML versions when retrieving data.
  • Turkish denominations added (thanks to LA-depressor)

12 Jan 2004

New version HAM Matchviewer

What's New?
  • HAM Matchviewer - a new way to watch Hattrick matches live.
    • Enter teams to follow in the Matchviewer tab of the Settings dialog.
    • Matches of followed teams, your own league and your cup matches are listed and can be easily added to the viewer.
    • Enter any MatchID to view any match.
    • A list of matches with current score and key events. Each match in the list can be clicked to see full matchreport.
    • Matchreports with event icons to easily identify key events.
    • New events displays as "Popups" with a sound (optional).
    • Home and away players colored differently in the matchreport. Customizable in the Settings dialog.
    • Simulate live action of already played matches (optional).
    • In order to use the matchviewer you must use the registered version of HAM and accept to transmit registration data to the Loke Software server.
    • Special thanks to Esch_ of Slaughtered Jawas (70272) for the matchviewer graphics.
  • Retrieval of Series info seperated from match retrieval.
  • Added weekly balance to Fiscal report details.
  • Added series info to the Series Details dialog (only available to registered users).
  • Added player info to the Series Details dialog (only available to registered users).
  • Upcomming match in statusbar now resizes with main window.
  • Automated backup of HAM data (optional). Adjustable in Settings. Backups will be saved in the HAM\backup folder, with the filename yyyy-mm-dd-TeamID.bak, where yyyy-mm-dd is the backup date.
  • Added language, Portugese-Brasilian, thanks to lindinha of Corcundas for the translation.
  • Tactics included where relevant.
  • Yellow and red cards included in Player Club Records (needs update of all matches to include data from previously retrieved matches).
  • Yellow and red cards included in Team Detail history (needs update of all matches to include data from previously retrieved matches).
  • Using new matchdetails XML - language independent match retrieval.
  • Match report now in Highlights format (needs update of all matches to include data from previously retrieved matches).
  • Get HRF data menu option changed to Get Team Data.
  • HAM now uses XML instead of HRF to get player info, thus this data is not 100% re-creatable with saved HRF files.
  • Automatic detection of national team status, caps and shirt number. Caps are counted as National Team Friendlies for XP purposes.
Bug Fixes
  • HAM now handles skill levels above divine(20).
  • XP fixed in skill increases list.
  • Series table now sort correctly on most scored goals.
  • "Hidden" matches now displayed as league matches. These matches are probably incomplete downloads and should be deleted from the list.
  • Columbian currency changed.
  • Improved handling of Hattrick XML versions.

29 Oct 2003

New version Matchview and bugfixes

What's New?
  • Match View window. Double click matches in matchlist (right click to get the old edit match), player rating list and Series opponent history list to see matche details. Includes the Match Analysis tool, that gives an overview of the match, and even predicts the outcome. This prediction is not taking things like confidence and special events into consideration. So it will be inaccurate. But it may give an idea on if you really were unlucky to loose that match... :-)
  • Match details data has expanded again. It is a good idead to do the "Update All Matches" once more.
  • Team Details Window Resizable. Size will save.
  • Italian denominations included (thanks to Venom63).
  • Catalan denominations included (thanks to Mod-Miki3738).
  • Custom Icon added to shortlist function.
  • Series Details expanded.
  • New countries added.
  • Right-click Sold and Retired players to delete them permanently. This is a fix for users with false data in this list. Use with extreme caution.
  • Minor changes to Matchlist XML export/import.
  • Arena Calculater uses new ticket prices.
  • Right-click Playername in player dialog to edit playername.
Bug Fixes
  • Displaybug in Qualification match sums fixed.
  • Matchtypes in best perfomances shown correct with new matchdata.
  • List Index Out of Bounds error at match retrieval fixed.
  • Fixed bug with graph zooming.
  • Fixed bug with expected rating.
  • Friendlies removed from Team Details graphs if unselected in Settings.

25 Oct 2003

New version Matchdata retrieval is back!

What's New?
  • Automatic match retrieval is back. Woohoo. Including support for all languages in denominations.txt.
  • New matchretrieval includes a little more info, so previosuly retrieved matches may have some inconsistencies. Like two right wings or two right wing backs. It is possible to update all matches to the new format. This will reset all manual changes made to the matches though.
  • Team Experience added to matchlist.
  • Manual Add Match removed.
  • Series Details, with info about current season development.
Bug Fixes
  • Minimize to system tray fixed.
  • Bug in auto leaguematch detection fixed.
  • Old Hattrick IP's removed from the list in Settings.
  • Font changed to "Tahoma" to display player- and teamnames correctly.
  • A bug with promoting players to coaches, and keeping retired coaches in the squad fixed.

Important! Again, there are a lot of changes in this version. It is highly reccomended, that you make a backup copy of your HAM data before you install this version.

15 Oct 2003

New version CHPP approved version

What's New?
  • HAM CHPP compliant
    • Series Spy removed
    • Match retrieval removed
    • Automatic login removed
    • Manual entry of Matchdata added to the Online menu (CTRL-F5). The entry form will default to the the most likely ratings. Right click the window to make it more or less transparent (Not supported on all versions of MS Windows). The matchdata entry window also supports copy/paste of the HTML source code from the match details page (matchDetails.asp) and the lineup page (matchLineup.asp). To use it, Right-click on the page in your browser and select "View Source". Select All and Copy. Right-click the match entry window in HAM and select Paste. Relevant fields will be filled.
      Click here for a brief explanation of how to copy/paste source code.
    • Automatic detection of played league games. Reaction adjustable on the Warnings tab of the Settings dialog.
    • Manual entry of Youth Pull/Transfer Price when new player is detected. Can be disabled on the Warnings tab in Settings.
    • Manual add/delete transferhistory with right-click in the transfer history list of the Player Details dialog.
  • UTF-8 decoding implemented.
    • Right-Click on Player Details Window to correct previously retrieved UTF-8 encoded playernames.
    • Right-Click on the Edit Match window to correct previously retrieved UTF-8 encoded Match and Lineup data.
  • Polski added to denominations. Thanks to qrzys.

Important! This is the first CHPP approved version of HAM. There are a lot of changes in this version. It is highly reccomended, that you make a backup copy of your HAM data before you install this version.

08 Oct 2003

Connection refused (Error #10061)

A lot of users are experiencing problems while trying to login to the Hattrick servers. The problems is caused by changes on the Hattrick servers. If you get this error, try disabling the automatic login feature and change the IP adress to the Hattrick servers.

05 Oct 2003


Last Wednesday, Hattrick published the new rules for all 3rd party program to follow. The Hattrick Certified Product Provider (CHPP) program listed a number of rules all programs must follow in order to be used legally with Hattrick. These rules have a great impact on HAM, as many of the previous functions in HAM has relied on reading the Hattrick website, wich is now illegal. This means that two weeks after the announcement, on Thursday, October 16, usage of all previous versions of HAM will be considered breaking the Hattrick rules.

A few days before that deadline, a new CHPP compliant version of HAM will be made available for download from this website. Some users have asked me, if Hattrick will be able to identify those who use the old versions anyway. And the answer to that is, yes. HAM has always identified itself as HAM on the Hattrick servers. It will be easy for the HT's to see who is using the old illegal versions of HAM to access the Hattrick website. Even though a few functionalities will be missing in the new CHPP version of HAM, and some tasks will be made a little bit harder to use, I have tried to make the new version as friendly as possible. I think that the result will be acceptable to most users. And the future holds great promises from the CHPP program. I believe that new and better data will soon be made available to the 3rd party programs, and hopefully the end result will be an even better HAM than before.

An update on this site, a HAM server message and postings in the HAM Users International federation conference will announce the new version as soon as it is released. The planned release date is Sunday, October 12.

26 Sep 2003

Transfer Price Evaluation Matching changed

The Transfer Price Evaluation functionality has been a fantastic succes. More than 300,000 transfers has been submitted to the database, thus making it possible to give pretty good estimates on transfer prices. The amount of transfers submitted has also made it possible to narrow the search down somewhat. Up until now, the database has been matching players against transfers from the last 16 weeks (a full season). Naturally this results in some inaccuracy, as the transfer market changes a lot in 16 week.

So as of today, the matching has been changed to only look at the last 8 weeks of transfers. This will mean that some evaluations will make some large steps today, but overall I think that the evaluations will give a more precise view of the current reality on the transfer market. Even when halving the transfers available for matching, the database still have more than 130,000 recent transfers to look at.

Thanks for taking part in making this functionality possible.

28 Sep 2003

New version Transfer Price Evaluation changed

What's New?
  • Transfer Price Evaluation changed. Synchronizing of all players are now only allowed once per day (per team) and never on fridays. Synchronizing all player no longer checks for possible profit with next skill gain. Synchronizing single players with right click is allowed any time, but will only check for profit for registered users. This means that the columns for next skill gain evaluation and profit can no longer be updated by the unregistered version.
  • Missing flags in new countries added.
  • Matchreports now retrivable with Hattrick languages Svenska and Dansk. Support for more languages to come.
  • Included Transfer Price Evaluation at the time of purchase and sale on the economy tab of the player dialog.
  • Included Transfer Price Evaluation for next skill increase, in the last trained skill.
  • Added the possibility to update Transfer Evaluation for a single player by right-clicking on that player.
  • Improved Custom Column View saving. You are allowed to save and select an unlimited number of Column Views.
  • Possibility to remove registration. Start ham.exe with the parameter 'unregister' from the Windows Start Mneu Run option. IE. Run "C:\Program Files\HAM\HAM.exe unregister".
  • Magyar denominations added. Thanks to tgwnn.
Bug Fixes
  • Experience in (Pos) calculations changed. Experience now adds (SQRT(Experience)-1)*(Weight/100) to (Pos).
  • Experience is now also applied in (Pos) for keepers.
  • Player Age in youth pull list fixed. This fix is not complete, unfortunately. Older youth pulls may still show wrong age.
  • Fix for the Set Pieces training of players purchased after training bug.

26 Sep 2003

Transfer Price Evaluation disabled

Due to heavy server load, the transfer price evaluation has been disabled on the HAM server. I will try to move the Transfer database to a new server during the weekend or early next week. Another possible solution will be a new version of HAM, with improved evaluation code (improved as in lighter server load). I will keep this site updated with any news on this.

25 Aug 2003

Login problems

Many users are experiencing "Internal Server Error" when using functionality that requires Hattrick login. HAM uses www.hattrick.org as default adress to Hattrick (on request from the HT-Devs), but this has stopped working. I hope that this adress will start working again, but until it does, you can change the adress to Hattrick on the online tab of the Settings dialog. Use one of the IP adresses. You need to restart HAM for this change to take effect.

Setup dialog

If the problem persist after following the above steps, please try the following:
  • Disable the automatic login functionality on the Online tab of the Settings dialog
  • Make sure that HAM is allowed access to the Hattrick IP's through your firewall
05 Aug 2003

New version Experience

What's New?
  • Experience added as player weight setting (Player 2 tab). Experience adds player experience to the (pos) value.
  • Experience "point" system added. Setup the points at the new Experience tab in the Settings dialog. A new Experience Points column has been added to show the results.
  • Added Transfer Fee Paid column.
  • Added Transfer Price Evaluation Quality column that shows how many database transfers matched the player.
  • It is now possible to double-click a shortlisted player in order to edit his stats.
  • Leadership added to "List of changes" tool.
  • Changes in Leadership color coded in main window.
  • "Stars" added to Matchlist.
  • Transfer Price Evaluation sum added to Team Stats sums tab.
  • Total team assessed value included in Series Spy.
  • Color of shortlisted players editable on the Display tab of the Settings dialog.
Bug Fixes
  • Bug with the calculation of training duration fixed.
  • Series Spy now deletes old teams no longer in series.
  • New country curencies fixed.
  • HAM no longer places a new instance in the add/remove programs list each time a new version is installed.
  • Various spelling errors fixed.

14 Jul 2003

Problems with columns not saving

Many users have been having a problem with their column settings not saving correctly. There is currently a bug on the Hattrick site that produces incomplete HRF data (TeamID and Teamname is missing from the data). I suspect these two things are connected, but I am looking into it, and I will let you know as soon as I know more - and hopefully have a fix for this.

13 Jul 2003

New version Transfer Price Evaluation

What's New?
  • Transfer Price Evaluation. The current marketprice of your players are calculated based on a database of real transfers. The column is colored to show the statistic significance of the calculation (red=very uncertain, gray=uncertain, black=good). You must allow upload of your own transfers in order to participate. All uploads are anonymized.
  • Added abbreviation as column status. List of abbreviations can be edited in Settings dialog or directly in file HAMAbbr.txt.
  • New countries added.
Bug Fixes
  • Suomi spelling error.
  • A Registration issue was solved.

The new Transfer Price Evaluation functionality is dependant upon a large number of transfers submitted to the transfer database. In the menu to the left, there is a counter displaying the current number of transfers in the database. While the functionality is still new, the number will remain small for some time. This means that the evaluations will be inaccurate, and often missing completely because no transfers of similar players can be found. Hopefully this will get better over time.

09 Jul 2003

Registered users moving to the new countries

Registered HAM users moving to one of the new Hattrick countries, thus getting a new team, should e-mail Loke Software at ham@lokesoftware.dk with both their old and new TeamID's and request a new Registration Key.

17 Jun 2003

New version HOTFIX

Bug Fixes
  • Empty TeamID in HRF bug workaround.
  • Minor Registration issues.
  • Column bug in Matchlist fixed.

16 June 2003

HRF data bugged

There is currently a bug in the HRF data retrieved from the Hattrick server, that is affecting some teams. Sometimes the HRF data contains an empty TeamID and TeamName. This affects HAM in a way where your Rating retrieval is "greyed out" - not selectable - and your column settings may be deleted.

I am working on a hotfix for this bug, and I expect to be ready tomorrow (June 17). The bug has also been reported to the HT-Dev team.

I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

12 May 2003

New version Columns fully customizable

What's New?
  • Columns Editor. It is possible to completely configure what columns you want shown. The same column can even be shown more than once. Column setup is saved pr. TeamID, so multiple users using the same installation of HAM can keep seperate column setups.
  • Sortorder now remembered. This is also pr. TeamID and the last 3 sorts are remembered at application exit.
  • Rating column split in three columns (average, last and best).
  • Save password and auto login. Toggle and enter password on the online tab of the Settings dialog. This functionality is not available for Multiuser installations.
  • Included "Custom" column. Editable in the Custom tab of the Player Status dialog. Icons available are files in the ..\HAM\Images\ folder. Icons must be Windows Bitmap file (.bmp) and be 16x16 pixels. If you place a new bitmap file in the folder and restart HAM, the icon will be available for selection.
  • New Shirt Number column available.
  • Columns, previously displayed as icons, can now be set to icon, text or mixed (both) in the icon editor. The 'status' column is not effected by this though.
  • Option to minimize HAM to the system tray.
  • Some options from the General tab in the Settings dialog moved to a new Display tab.
  • Home and Away filter added in the matchlist.
  • Series Spy introduced for registered HAM users. The spy helps keeping track of league opponents.
  • Sold and retired players "dimmed" in the Team records dialogs.
  • New Formation column in the matchlist. This column shows the formation based on the players in the match data, so it is not always correct.
  • Initial experience displayed on the economy tab of the Player Details dialog.
  • Fixed incomplete matchretrieval not showing up in matchlist bug.
  • Fixed the "disappearing A-Squad" bug.
  • Fixed a bug with sponsor income in the List of Changes.
  • Set Pieces training (including Shooting) now counts for all players, regardless of playing matches or not. Player not having played will recieve the amount choosen for keepers on the training tab of the settings dialog.
  • A rare problem with Proxy authentication solved. Proxy authentication settings has to be re-entered.
  • Slovenian currency changed to Euro.

09 Apr 2003

New version HOTFIX

For some hours it has been possible to download a version of HAM that contained a new functionality called »Series Spy«. This functionality is Work in Progress and was not intended for release! If you have downloaded and installed the version that has the »Series Spy« functionality enabled, please download this latest version. The new functionality is bugged and may potentially corrupt your HAM data.

Additional Fixes
  • Old Transfer Status tab should be gone for real this time.
  • Fixed a rare bug with Registration.

07 Apr 2003

New version Misc. fixes and improvements

What's New?
  • Value and salary included in »Export to semicolon separated file«.
  • Multiple Registration team HRF files are now saved in seperate folders (DefaultFolder\teamid\).
  • Added filter in Matches dialog.
  • Matchreport made editable in Edit match.
  • Team Spirit included in matchlist.
  • Hattrick IP adress selectable from the online tab of the settings dialog (now defaults to www.hattrick.org).
  • Full tables on the club records by pressing the approriate button on the History tab of the Team Stats dialog.
  • Added Column »Expected Rating«. This column shows the last rating recieved in the players prefered position with his current form.
  • Added Column »Training (%)«. This column shows the amount of training recieved in percent in the skill that has the most training (ignoring stamina training).
  • Crash bug with Server Messages for proxy users fixed.
  • Fix on the proxy problems with HRF retrieval.
  • Extra 20% salary cost included in Sums in Team Stats dialog.
  • Wage change warning now in local currency.
  • Columbian currency changed to 1 'Dollar' = 1 Kr.
  • Fixed random appearance of old Transfer Status tab.
  • Fixed bug with new »Training (%)« column shortly released as

20 Feb 2003

Registration with credit card activated

It is now possible to register HAM with the most popular credit cards. Go here for the details.

17 Feb 2003

New version New Hattrick IP

What's New?
  • Multiple Teams on same computer allowed to share one installation of HAM with multiple registrations.
    Check the "Multiple Teams..." checkbox on the General tab of the Settings Dialog to activate. Then go to Multiple TeamID Registration... from the Help menu and add each registration.
  • A Restore Defaults button added on the Training tab of the Settings dialog.
    (At this time the defaults are pretty stupid. I hope that the HAM Users International federation will come up with something better at a later time)
  • Everything can be editted in matchedit dialog.
  • Server Messages. Allows check for messages from Loke Software.
  • Manually alteration (or complete input) of matchdata in Manually Get Match dialog.
  • Slovenija and Israel flags added.
  • Shortlist players. It's possible to add players from the transferlist to the squad list, manually or by copy/paste.
  • Right-click on shortlisted players to delete from shortlist.
  • Moved some menu items to a new Tools menu option.
  • Hattrick IP changed to
  • Replaced the "neon" GK sub shirt with a more, "easy on the eyes" version.
  • Edit of crowd in matchedit fixed.
  • Fixed system experience check with 3-4-3.
  • Fixed bug with manual retreival of results with '-' in the teamnames.
  • Fixed bug with change of training time in Settings
    (actually this also solves the very old infamous 100 year training bug). Trainingtime is now based on your systems timezone settings, so there might be some daylight saving issues...
  • Fixed transferhistory retreival. Hattrick now displays prices in £ if nothing else is selected (like HAM). This means that some rounding issues may occur.

01 Feb 2003

New version Matchrating retrieval fixed

What's New?
  • HAM made shareware.
  • Manually input of matchID for single match retreival.
  • Edit match. Dbl-Click on match in the matchlist to edit match. Incl. adding and deleting players fielded. This will effectively add or remove training weeks for players.
  • Flags from Pilipinas, Taiwan, Bulgaria, Wales and Malaysia included.
  • Improved errorchecking when retreiving matchratings.
  • Matchlist exportable/importable to and from XML.
  • New Version Available warning dialog will now only appear once. A message in the statusbar will be displayed when a new version is available.
  • Optional warning if currentlineup is a low experience system. Adjust in Settings dialog, Warnings tab.
  • Current system/team attitude visible in statusbar.
  • Matchrating retreival fixed for latest matches. (Retrieval of Weather, Crowd and HT ratings will still only work with English as the selected Hattrick language).
  • Wage column now sorts on modified wage (+20% foreigners).
  • Fixed date bug with fiscal reports.
For about two hours versions and .93 was available for download. They contained an error with matchratings retreival for non-english Hattrick language users. Those that downloaded the .92 and .93 versions should upgrade to the latest build, especially if they are not using English as their Hattrick language!

1 Feb 2003

Version 3.0 now expected to be released Saturday evening Feb. 01 2003

Due to unexpected circumstances (I was "delayed" at the pub - sorry), the HAM 3.0 release has been delayed a day.

Version 3.0 of HAM is currently in beta (available for download in the download section). This version will fix the problem with matchrating retrieval, as well as contain a few new features.

The 3.0 version will solve the problems with matchrating retrieval. It will feature automatic retrieval of the latest few matches and a manual, input MatchID and retrieve one by one, retrieval of older games.

11 Jan 2003

New version Non-english language matchratings

What's New?
  • Match retrieval now includes attitude (MOTS/PIC) for english language hattrick.org users only.
  • Right-click on Youth pull date in Player Details, to move a week back or forward or delete as a youth pull altogether.
  • Historical matchratings for non-english language hattrick.org users fixed (right this time, hopefully).
  • Wage column now gets 20% foreign player penalty.
  • Red color in new training display changed to light green.
09 Jan 2003

New version HOTFIX

  • Changed matchrating retrieval for Non-English language Hattrick users
09 Jan 2003

New version HOTFIX

What's New?
  • New training display. Adjustable in Settings dialog, training tab.
  • Wage column added.
  • Support for matchratings requiring login at hattrick.org
Removed Features
  • HT-Scout support removed. HT-Scout will be closed.
This version is a HOTFIX for the playerratings retrieval not working after changes on www.hattrick.org. Unfortunately, this means that the new features are being relesed prematurely, ie. before they are tested properly. There might be some bugs left in the new training display. If you find such bugs, please send an email to ham@lokesoftware.dk describing the bug.

27 Dec 2002

New version Bug fix

  • Fixed two different '' is not a valid integer value errors when retrieving player ratings.
  • Matches/Ratings sorted correctly. Fixes issues raised by new historical rating retrieval functions.
17 Dec 2002

New version Improved ratings retrieval

What's New?
  • Rating retrieval use new more server friendly functions.
  • Support for 4 new Hattrick nations.
  • retrieval of Memorable moments and Transfer History for players.
  • Youth Squad dialog. Overview of youth squad numbers and a sortable list of youth pulls.
  • Economy tab in Player Development dialog. With youth squad, transfer and Mother Club Money details. Also with a list of total weeks trained in each training type.
  • History tab in Player Development dialog. Individual refresh of Transfer History and Memorable moments button on this tab.
  • Profit column added to Sold and Retired players list.
  • Improved timeout check with online functions.
  • Fixed the salary change warning bug introduced in
  • Fixed a problem with special char when uploading players to HT-Scout.
  • German denominations fixed.
  • Scout now resets correctly.
  • Currency bug in Team Stat|Sums fixed.
  • Dutch denominations added (for real this time).
  • Date problem in fiscal report fixed.

Refer to the readme.txt for more detail

Youth, Economy and Player History functions require retrieval of Memorable moments.

21 Nov 2002

New version with HT-Scout

What's New?
  • HT-Scout (http://www.soccermanager.dk/htscout.htm).
  • Dates in various places changed to Hattrick Week and Season.
  • Columns Added: PlayerID, Transfer Status, Transfer Price.
  • Graphs divided into seasons.
  • Fiscal Report added. This feature requires reset of HAM in order to work for historical data.
  • Translations of denominations to French.


One of the new features in this version, requires HAM to be reset to invoke support for historical/previously collected data. Reset of HAM is a menu option, but should be used with caution. You will have to reload all previously retrieved HRF files into HAM after resetting. If you do not have these files saved, you will loose data!. You can continue using HAM as always, without resetting, but the new functionality will only work on data retrieved after you have updated the program.


  • Hellas currency changed to Euro(10).
  • Hong Kong flag included

refer to the readme.txt for more detail

For further details and registration of HT-Scout, please visit the HT-Scout website.

18 Oct 2002

New version - HOTFIX

What's New?
  • Split screen with B-Squad. Drag and drop or right click players to move them between squads.
    - Drag and drop works somewhat sluggish. This is being looked into.
  • Agreeability, Aggression and Honesty columns added to main window.
  • Translation of denominations to Russian (thanks to sergio_pla) and Dutch (thanks to Tostie).
  • Colors for skillchanges customizable in Settings.
  • Export players to Semicolon Separated file.
  • Hotfix for the new matchrating code on www.hattrick.org. Fixes the List Index Out of Bounds(0) Error when retrieving matchratings.
  • Peruvian currency changed to 000NS(2.5). (and there was much rejoicing amongst all the Peruvian HAM users...)
  • Matchresult 'Pågående'/'Ongoing' will be corrected when retrieving historical ratings from before the date the result occurs at.
  • Rare bug with display of winger training fixed.

refer to the readme.txt for more detail

23 Aug 2002

New version - Support for new denominations

What's New?
  • Added support for new denominations. Use the Get Historical Player Ratings function to update previous divine ratings.
  • Support for new Hattrick nations.
  • Show best rating, in addition to average and last match in main window. Right-click to select.
  • Open selected player details with return key.
  • Close Player Detail dialog with ESC key.
  • PgUp and PgDwn keys for next and previous player in Player Detail dialog.
  • Right-click Prev. and Next buttons in Player Detail dialog for a pop-up menu of all players in current list.
  • Average and best rating icons shown in Player Detail dialog.
  • Injury and warning icons shown in Player Detail dialog.
  • Notes tab in Player Detail dialog. For user notes.
  • Added player nationalities. Both in main window and Player Details dialog.
  • Assistant trainers fixed for goaltending training.
  • Qualification games counted in Team Stats History.

refer to the readme.txt for more detail

08 July 2002

New version - Enhanced training analysis

What's New?
  • Sold and Retired players are saved and can be examined. Requires Reset
  • Reset of HAM made available as a menu item (Use with caution). A backup of HAM.dat will be created in the HAM folder.
  • Customize visible columns in main window.
  • Added previous and next buttons in the Player Detail dialog.
  • Added injury graph in the Player Detail dialog. Requires Reset
  • Added History tab to the Player Detail dialog.
  • Added Levels Gained list in the Player Training dialog. Requires Reset
  • Players in the Player Training dialog can be double-clicked for details.
  • Added Team Spirit and Confidence to List of Changes
  • Added History tab to Team Stats dialog.
  • Added Proxy authentication.
  • Added function to retrieve historical match ratings.
  • Added player speciality to main list.
  • Added graph for crowd income in the Team Stats dialog.
  • Added graph for HT-ratings in the Team Stats dialog. Requires Enhanced Matchdetails
  • Added Detail to Matches dialog (Crowd, HT-Ratings, etc.). Requires Enhanced Matchdetails
  • Added weather to ratings tab in Player Details dialog.
  • Added icon for "bruised but playing" injury status.
  • Added "Restore Defaults" button to Settings dialog, Weight tab. This will restore the "factory values" of the weights.


Several of the new features in this version requires HAM to be reset to invoke support for historical/previously collected data. Reset of HAM is now a menu option, but should still be used with caution. You will have to reload all previously retrieved HRF files into HAM after resetting. If you do not have these files saved, you will loose data!. You can continue using HAM as always, without resetting, but the new functionality will only work on data retrieved after you have updated the program.

Remember that you can select multiple files - so you are able to load all your previously collected hrf files at once.

Enhanced matchdetails
To get info on crowds, weather, HT-ratings, etc. match retrieval has been enhanced. You can get the extra info by retrieving matches again. Use the new Historical match retrieval function to get older matches. Sometimes crowd info does not show on the server page. If your crowd displays 0 after retrieving enhanced data, just wait 5 minutes and try again.

  • Check for match in progress when retrieving HRF.
  • Sponsor income changed to local currency.
  • Sponsor and supporter graphs switched to their correct places.
  • Form counted towards (Pos) values for Keepers.
  • Fixed incorrect assesed values on the Sums tab of the Team Stats dialog.
  • www.hattrick.org changed to in the code.
  • Improved Spanish Translation (thanks Feanor).
  • Fixed paint problems when resizing columns.
refer to the readme.txt for more details

13 May 2002

New version - Support for the "new" leagues. Customizable Training

What's New?
  • Fixed the (rare) 100 years of training bug.
  • Added function to ignore ratings before a specific date.
  • You can now change the weekly type of training in the Team Stats Dialog. Select the weeks training and right-click to change.
  • Stamina weight no longer counting double (previously so due to stamina maxing out at 8).
  • Folder to place retrieved hrf files made optional in the settings dialog.
  • Experience and Leadership skillnames translatable.
  • Removed Stamina training counts for players with excellent stamina.
  • Form added to the Player Development Rating tab.
  • Keeper stats now displays correct in the Player Training List Dialog.
  • Items added to the List of Changes for the team (supporters, etc.)
  • Added check for misc. income. Helps with keeping track of undocumented transfer income

refer to the readme.txt for more detail
5 Apr. 2002

New version - Austrian Currency

What's New?
  • Austrian currency changed back to Euro.

4 Apr. 2002

New version - Misc. New Statistics

What's New?
  • Ratings from friendly games made optional in the settings dialog.
  • Added support for hrf files generated by »HRF generatorn«.
    In order to load old hrf data, HAM must be reset and all hrf reloaded (see below)
  • Added the Coach as a position. Also as a user decided position. It is possible to set more than one player as coach.
  • List of Changes dialog expanded to include sums of changes for the entire team.
  • New "Sums" tab in the Team Stats dialog, with the current average values of the squad and selected team.
  • New improved list of nationality ID's implemented. Thanks to HT-DrPepper.
  • Stamina is now a weight like other skills for players capable of using playmaking.
  • Changed calculation of form.
  • Spanish added to denominations.txt

14 Mar. 2002

New version - Emergency Build

The format of the matchlists on hattrick.org was changed this evening, and that caused errors with the rating retrieval in HAM. This has now been fixed. Those that already has retrieved matchdata with the new format, now has a number of duplicate matches. The wrong matches have a MacthID like »123456&Site=HT«. These should be deleted with the new matchlist dialog.

What's New?
  • Added a matchlist with the option to delete matches from HAM. Select one or more matches and right click to delete
  • German translations added to default denominations.txt. If you have altered you own denominations.txt, please make a backup copy before updating HAM.
  • Fixed Wing/Inner Midfield fixed position bug.
  • Fixed another couple of wrong nationality ID's.

08 Mar. 2002

New version Multi language support

What's New?
  • Customizable skillnames and denominations (multi-language).
  • Added form and stamina to the calculation of (pos) values.
  • User defined positions (Forward, Wing, etc.)
  • Remembers main window layout and position at exit.
  • Fixed training time not getting written to ini bug.
  • Fixed a couple of wrong nationality ID's.

05 Feb. 2002

New version - Training and other new features

What's New?
  • Player Training dialog, with a list of weeks trained pr. skill pr. player.
  • Training list in Team Stats dialog.
  • List of Changes dialog. Compares data from two dates, or displays all changes between two dates.
  • Optional display of Average Rating/Last Match Rating in main window.
  • Icon in the status column if "played since last training session".
  • Number of matches to go back when calculating average custumizable in the settings dialog.
  • Added "Goals scored this season" column in maion window.
  • Added icons for current team selection.


In order to get support for training values on previously collected data, HAM must be reset. To reset HAM, follow these steps:
  • Rename HAM.dat (located in your HAM installation directory) to preserve it as a backup (Ie rename to HAMBackup.dat).
  • Start HAM, and answer NO when asked to retrieve initial .hrf data.
  • Select "Open hrf file..." from the "Files" menu.
  • Select all your previously retrieved .hrf files and open them simultaniously.
  • Retrieve ratings with CTRL-F5 or from the menu.
Informations on resetting HAM is also included in the ReadMe.txt file and in the HAM help.

18 Jan. 2002

Release version - Improved online functionality

Automatic retrieval of .hrf data from inside HAM.
HAM user If you want to help advertise HAM, on the Delphi conferences for instance, you could use this icon in the signature.
The HTML code to use is:

<a href="http://www.lokesoftware.dk/ham/">
<img src="http://www.lokesoftware.dk/ham/hamico.gif" alt="HAM user" border="0"></a>