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New HAM Lineup Tool BETA

The latest version of HAM introduces a new version of the HAM Lineup Tool. This version of the Lineup Tool includes vastly increased possibility for user settings and tweaking. The Lineup Tool is the most advanced part of HAM - and hence, increased possibility for adjusting settings comes with the price of increased complexity of these settings. Serious tweaking of the tool is probably only interesting to advanced HAM users. Fortunately, this is one of HAM's greatest strenghts - having Hattricks most advanced and experienced users. So in the nature of other HAM functionality, the new Lineup Tool settings has been implemented in a way, to make the HAM users work together in optimizing the settings for all users.

Advanced HAM users, who tweak the settings to fit as precisely as possible, will be able to upload their settings to the HAM server. The combined average of all user contributed settings, will then be available for all users at regular intervals. All of this is done automatically. Users who does not wish to participate in this community effort, can opt not to, by deselecting the "Share my advanced Lineup Tool settings" option in HAM Settings.

The new Lineup Tool can be operated in three different "modes":

  • Use default is pretty much as the old Lineup Tool, with fixed settings from HAM.
  • Use live will regularly get and use the latest updated settings from the HAM server
  • Use My own will user your own fully customizable settings. More on those below...
The default setting is Use live, and will probably be the prefered setting for most HAM users.

Advanced Settings

The new Lineup Tool calculation is based upon a set of "contribution rules" in an XML document.

The first section, General

contains a few general index based settings. With these, you can adjust the effect of form, stamina and experience on the Lineup Tool calculation. A value of 100 is the default effect. A value of 50 would halve the effect, and a value of 200 would double it.

The next 5 sections corresponds to the 7 Hattrick matchratings. Left/right attack/defence are combined into AttackWing and DefenceWing, since they are handled identically. Inside each section, you can have a list of player positions that you believe contributes to the Hattrick match rating:

In case of wing type ratings, inner midfielder will corespond to the inner midfielder to the side of the rating. The same for central defender. Keeper and forwards will contribute to both sides.

Each player position contains a list of skills used to contribute to the matchrating:

For each skill, there is a contribution index, depending on the individual player order. A value of 100 means that the player contributes all of his skill to matchrating. A value of 50 means he contributes half his skill. A value of 200 means that he contributes double his skill.

In the above example, A player in the Left Wing position, will contribute 150% of his winger skill and 25% of his passing skill to the Left Attack matchrating, if his individual order is "offensive".

The player skill itself, is adjusted for training recorded by HAM, player form, stamina and experience.

In order to adjust your advanced Lineup Tool settings, edit the file hamlineuptooladvanced.xml in your HAM folder. Saving your edits and pressing the "Reload XML" button in the Lineup Tool settings tab allows you to instantly see the result of your adjusted settings.

You can add and remove nodes to XML as you like. Should you for instance decide, that the goalkeepers passing skill is actually a factor in the calculationg of your midfield rating, you could insert nodes as follows:

I am well aware, that these settings may seem overwhelming to a lot of users. And to those, I strongly suggest simply ignoring them. The implementation of this highly customizable Lineup Tool along with it's rather complicated way of adjusting, is a response to a lot of users wishes to be able to control the Lineup Tool to a far greater extent than what has been possible with the old Lineup Tool. Unfortunately, with the Lineup Tool being as complicated as it is, such extended control comes with the price of added complexity. This is a first time breach of a HAM development policy of easy usability and user friendly and transparent customizability. It is my hope, that the live server functionality of the new Lineup Tool settings will keep this simplicity for users who do not wish to edit XML files - a group I suspect is in clear majority among the HAM userbase.

In the upcomming weeks and months, if there is interest from users in these new settings, I will be available for questioning both by email and (preferably) in the HAM and HAM Users International federation conferences.

As a last note, please remember that this new functionalty is still beta software. Some errors and inconveniences are likely to exist in the current version.