HAM is available in the following languages:

To use HAM in your own language, download the appropriate version from any mirror - All mirrors has the same version of HAM with all languages included. After installing HAM, go to Settings and change to the prefered language.

Download latest version of HAM

Full Install

If you do not already have HAM installed, please download and install this version:
Denmark Full Install 03. Jan 2016

Update to latest version

Please choose one of these mirror sites to download from, if you already have HAM installed
and wish to update to the latest version. All mirrors has the same version of HAM, containing
all available languages.
Denmark Loke Software (DK)

Logitech G15 LCD Matchviewer version

Note to Panda Anti-Virus software users: Panda anti-virus software falsely warns of a trojan in the HAM setup. This is not true. I suggest users of that anti-virus product to scan the file with any of the other anti-virus products and verify that the HAM setup is virus free.